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Charles F. Brannock - Famous Inventor

: Charles F. Brannock
: 16-May-1903
: 22-November-1992
: United States
: Syracuse University
: Inventor and Manufacturer

About Inventor

Charles F. Brannock (1903 – 1992) was the inventor and manufacturer of the familiar Brannock Device for measuring overall length, width, and heel-to-ball length of the foot. Brannock, proprietor of the successful Park-Brannock Shoe Store in Syracuse, New York, developed the device in 1925. The instrument was a sales aid, but by ensuring more accurate fittings, the device also helped his customers alleviate or avoid foot problems due to ill-fitting shoes. Brannock also developed specially calibrated devices for the various branches of the military, which issued millions of boots and shoes to servicemen, especially during World War II. Though there were competing measuring devices on the market, the Brannock Device quickly became the industry standard and is still used in shoe stores all over the world.

Awards Received by Inventor

National Inventors Hall of Fame, inducted 2007


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Charles F. Brannock-Charles F. Brannock


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Charles F. Brannock-Charles F. Brannock


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