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Baruch Samuel Blumberg - Famous Inventor

: Baruch Samuel Blumberg
: 28-July-1925
: 5-April-2011
: United States
: Far Rockaway High School,Balliol College,Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons,Union College,University of Oxford,Columbia University
: Physician, Geneticist

About Inventor

Baruch Samuel Blumberg who lived between (1925 – 2011) was an American physician, geneticist, and he won a Nobel Prize in 1976 for his research into the origins and spread of infectious viral diseases, particularly hepatitis B virus, while an investigator at the NIH.He was President of the American Philosophical Society from 2005 until his death.

Early Life and his Research Career

Born in 1925, Dr. Baruch Blumberg received his M.D. from Columbia University, then his Ph.D. from Oxford. In the 1960s, he examined blood samples from a variety of populations to see how they differ in susceptibility to disease. During this study, he discovered an antigen that enabled both a screener and a vaccine for hepatitis B. Blumberg was awarded a Nobel Prize for this work in 1976.

Awards Received by Inventor

Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Gairdner Foundation International Award

John Scott Legacy Medal and Premium


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