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Anastase Dragomir - Famous Inventor

: Anastase Dragomir
: 6-February-1896
: 1966
: Romania
: Self Educated
: Inventor

About Inventor

Anastase Dragomir was a Romanian inventor of aviation, born on February 6, 1896 in Braila (Braila County), being the sixth child of the family. He was passionate, like many of the young men of that period, by the problems of aviation. Some of these young people were concerned with the development of new types of flying machines and others were raising security issues for the pilot and passengers in the event of an air disaster.

Anastase Dragomir is best known for the invention of an early version of an ejector seat. For this invention was obtained patent no. 678 566 of April 2nd, 1930 of which he benefited together with another Romanian inventor, Tanase Dobrescu.

The invention represented “a new parachuting system from aerial locomotion machines, each passenger having his own parachute that allows him, in the critical moment, to separate the whole ensemble by the plane, so the parachute, with the passenger seat installed to pass through the opened floor “. Also, the patent provides that this set of cell-parachute will have several controls to be operated by the pilot.

The model devised by Dragomir and Dobrescu was successfully tested on August 25, 1929 on Paris-Orly airport, near Paris, confirming the utility of this invention. After the demonstration, the French newspapers, including the Excelsior (the number from 29/8/1929), stressed the global priority, owned by Anastase Dragomir in this area and the importance of this invention for the aviation.

Subsequently the invention was also tested at Baneasa airport, near Bucharest, in October 1929.

The principles used in the solution proposed by Anastase Dragomir are still valid and used.


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