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Alexander Coucoulas - Famous Inventor

: Alexander Coucoulas
: United States
: Self Educated
: Inventor

About Inventor

Alexander Coucoulas is an American inventor, research engineer, and author. He was named "Father Of Thermosonic Bonding" by George Harman, the world's foremost authority on wire bonding, where he referenced Coucoulas's leading edge publications in his book, Wire Bonding In Microelectronics.

Thermosonic bonding

Thermosonic bonding is widely used to electrically connect silicon integrated circuit microprocessor chips into computers as well as a myriad of other electronic devices that require wire bonding.

As a result of Coucoulas introducing the thermosonic wire bonding concept in the early 1960s, its applications and scientific investigations by researchers throughout the world have grown as confirmed by the thousands of Google search-sites. The all-important proven reliability of thermosonic bonding, as confirmed by these investigations, has made it the process of choice for connecting these crucially important electronic components. And since relatively low bonding parameters were shown to form reliable thermosonic bonds, the integrity of the fragile silicon integrated circuit chip central processor unit or CPU, is assured throughout its intended lifetime use as the "brains" of the computer.