VARIT 2K15 On 10 th January

: Technical
: Department of Information Technology, Jamal Mohamed College(Autonomous), Tiruchirappalli-620 020. Contact Number:+91 9600466890
: 10 th January 2015 to 11 th January 2015

Organize By Jamal Mohamed College

Established On 1951
Jamal Mohamed College, P.Box.No.808, 7,Race Course Road Khajanagar,Tiruchirapalli

Event Details

VarIT-2k15 is an Inter-collegiate Technical Symposium, VarIT-2k15, on 10th January 2015 for Under Graduate students of Computer Science, Computer Applications, Information Technology and Computer Science & Engg. This Intellectual fete aims at providing a platform to expose the student's talents and technical skills in the field of Information Technology. A Technical Symposium of this kind will go a long way in bringing out the inherent talents and also sharpening the skills of the students. This will also provide a platform for Under Graduate students from different institutions offering similar kind of programmes in this part of TamilNadu to exhibit their performance. Skill Development is the need of the hour and this technical symposium is a right step in that direction.

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