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How to face personal interview ?

Tara posted 3 years ago
what i have to prepare before attend the personal interview

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Mani kandaprabhu replied 3 years ago
Are you preparing for a personal Interview?

All you need is the

Self -confidence
Better dressing sense
Professional attire in your way of speech, action and behavior.
Stay cool .
All the best.
Dhivya Anandh replied 3 years ago
Hi Tara!
These are the essential things to keep up during personal round...

1. Be confident.
2. Remember to maintain eye contact with the interviewer.
3. You should know everything about your resume as anything may be asked.
4. Research the organization before your interview and prepare at least 2-3 questions.
5. Practice positive body language.
Madhuranjani replied 3 years ago
Hi,before you go to personal interview should update your resume and know everything that you given in your skill sets, mainly don't loose your confidence level.
Merlin Vimal replied 3 years ago
Analyze about the firm before interview. While you attend personal interview have a pleasant smile on your face, greet the panel, give a confident look, try to give answers for the questions they ask, have eye contact, sit firmly, expose your strength clearly and never hesitate to clarify your doubt with them.
chandru sharma replied 3 years ago
Before attend the Interview,first we have self confidence and good way of approaching with perfect body languages...and boldness speak is more helpful to attending interview