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Mani kandaprabhu posted 3 years ago
Plastics are the worst products that we ever use in our day to day life. The main reason to avoid plastics is that plastics can be recycled whereas it by product cannot be.

A survey says nearly 1000s of dolphins, penguins are dying for a year as plastics get decayed in seas and oceans.

It is harassing that plastics get decayed in the earth for about 10,000 years.

So, Avoid plastics.

3 answers

Jeevita Jeny replied 3 years ago
Plastics and its products are pitfall to the earth and it blocks underground water from being produced. Thanks for your information about plastics.
chandru sharma replied 3 years ago
Although plastic merchandise have indisputable positive result on our lives and industry, it nonetheless has a few dangers
Tara replied 3 years ago
Plastic product cause big effects in our environment. It produce toxic in both creation and recycling. Information which you have provided is very good.