IfM Education and Consultancy Services

IfM Education and Consultancy Services

 Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

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Established On : 1998

The IfM is part of the University of Cambridge. It brings together expertise in management, technology and policy to address the full spectrum of issues which can help industry and governments create sustainable economic growth.
Management: covering a wide range of topics including the development of sustainable industrial practice, capturing value from innovation, optimising global operations networks and moving from product to service-based models. The IfM is an international centre of excellence for roadmapping, a powerful technique for aligning business and technology objectives.
Technology: inkjet and laser-based manufacturing process technologies, carbon nanomaterials, advanced information systems and automated identification technologies, all with a wide range of industrial applications.
Policy: programmes, processes and practices for translating publicly-funded R&D (in particular science and engineering research) into new technologies, industries and economic wealth.
In each of these areas of expertise, the IfM carries out:
Research: bringing together specialists in management, technology and policy to provide a unique perspective on the challenges facing manufacturers of all sizes, from start-ups to multinationals.
Education: giving the next generation of manufacturing leaders a thorough grounding in management and manufacturing technology, based on real industrial experience.
Practice: applying IfM research to help organisations achieve their strategic goals. Findings from these projects directly inform future research.


Services Of IfM Education and Consultancy Services

IfM Education and Consultancy Services: IfM ECS
IfM ECS works with companies of all sizes to create and capture value and with national and regional governments to support and grow their industrial sectors. It does this by transferring the new ideas and approaches developed by researchers at the IfM through a programme of education and consultancy services.


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IfM Education and Consultancy Services Ltd (IfM ECS) Institute for Manufacturing 17 Charles Babbage Road Cambridge, UK CB3 0FS


England, United Kingdom

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