Rudiments Of Modern Computer Application: Vol. 1

Publisher : Academic Publishers
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Published Date : N/A
Computing and Computer Science
978-93- 83420-21-6
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The book has been written strictly according to the newly revised bifurcated syllabus for Modern Computer Applicationas prescribed by the West Bengal Council for Higher Secondary Education for classes 11 and 12. The book has been written in a lucid, easy to understand language suitable for the understanding of students in the plus 2 level. Plenty of diagrams and screen shots are provided to illustrate various concepts and processes in a lucid manner. Various formatting and pictorial techniques used throughout the book to make the searching of important topics an easy process. Extensive exercises provided at the end of each chapter to make the learning experience more fruitful. About 50 worked-out programs done using Visual Basic and the working of each program explained with possible outputs. More than 500 Multiple Choice Questions provided in all from the various chapters as per the latest question pattern. Chapter summary given at the end of each chapter to help in recapitulation. Theory and practical examination question papers of previous years of WBCHSE class 11 examinations provided at the end of the book. A separate section For the Lab on lab assignments and projects included.