Dictionary Of Legal Terms

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Law & Criminology
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The law is often esoteric and common man finds it difficult to understand. From time to time, efforts have been made to simplify the law, usually under the byword of "plain language" because ignorance of the meaning of a legal word can have grave consequences. This dictionary is prepared to offer one-stop reading for all those who occasionally need to know what a certain legal word means. This book is a resource guide that includes the key legal terms, ethics codes and case laws relevant to everyday counseling and for legal and business practices.The definitions and explanation of all the terms have been given in plain language for easy understanding of the reader. Every term is explained by clearly giving its meaning and is supported by relevant examples and applications in routine business practices. In most cases, the definition contains samples of the word used in a law or how it may have been described or used in a law book or a case.It is the first reference book of its kind that explains critical legal terminologies needed for accurate usage by the practitioners, paralegals, legal secretaries, court officials, law enforcement agents and law students, and all those who need a quick and direct answer when seeking the meaning of a word/term.