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Kunwar Narain Sahitya Akademi Award Awarded In 1995

Kunwar Narain

Kunwar Narain

Award Name : Sahitya Akademi Award

Year of Award : 1995

Award for : Literature

Location : Faizābād, Uttar Pradesh, India


Kunwar Narain is a poet and a presence in Indian literature, often regarded as the leading living poet in Hindi. Kunwar Narayan was born on 19 September 1927, in Faizabad district, Uttar Pradesh. He took MA literature from Lucknow University in 1951. He has written books on poetry, novels, epics, mythology, historical events as well as criticism. Short stories and translations are also included in the list. His first poetry collection was published in 1956. Chakravyuh was regarded as a landmark contribution to the world of poetry. His second poetry collection, Parivesh Hum tum was published after 5 years in 1961. His major works are Koi Doosra Naheen, Atmajayee, Akaron Ke Aas-Pas, Apne Samne and Aj aur aaj se pehle. His name is included in the list of intellectuals who travelled worldwide and contribute writings by combining modern world as well as imaginative history together. His visits to Europe, Russia and China are well reflected in his writings too.

Kunwar Narayan was awarded Jnanpith, highest civilian award for Indian literature for overall contributions to Hindi literature. He has contributed infinite literal works to Hindi literature in the past 6 decades or so. He is a part of new poetry movement. He has received numerous awards and recognition of which a few need special mentions. Hindustani Akademi Award for Atmajayee in 1971, Kumaran Asan Award for Apne Samne in 1982, Hindi Sansthan Award in 1987, Bhavani Prasad Misra Award for Koi Doosra Naheen in 1995, Padma Bhushan in 2011 and Sahitya Akademi Award (Koi Doosra Naheen and overall literary contribution) in the year 1995 are a few among those.

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