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Ingeborg Hochmair Russ Prize Awarded In 2015

Ingeborg Hochmair

Ingeborg Hochmair

Award Name : Russ Prize

Year of Award : 2015

Award for : Medical

Location : Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria


Ingeborg J. Hochmair-Desoyer (born 1953) is an Austrian electrical engineer from Technical University of Vienna. With her husband Prof. Erwin Hochmair she helped create the first micro-electronic multi-channel cochlear implant in the world. In 1980 she co-founded together with Prof. Erwin Hochmair the medical device company MED-EL and serves as its CEO and CTO. In 2013, she was honored together with two more scientists with the Lasker-DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award for developing the modern cochlear implant.She received Russ Prize in 2015 for engineering cochlear implants that enable the deaf to hear.