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Jaspal Rana Arjuna Award Awarded In 1994

Jaspal Rana

Jaspal Rana

Award Name : Arjuna Award

Year of Award : 1994

Award for : Sports and Games

Location : Uttarkāshi, Uttarakhand, India


Jaspal Rana is an Indian shooter who takes part mainly in the 25m Centre Fire Pistol category. He got gold medal in the 1994 Asian Games, 2006 Commonwealth Games and 2006 Asian Games. He is teaching at the Jaspal Rana Institute of Education and Technology in Dehradun. He was born on 28th June 1976 in Uttarkhand in a Rajput family and was brought up in Mussoorie in Dehradun Nainbagh. He studied at the K. V. Air Force Station Tughlkabad. He then continued his education at St. Stephen’s and Sri Aurobindo colleges. He was taught by his father Narayan Singh Rana who was an ITBP official. He was then coached by Tibor Ganazol. He married Reena Rana who is a fashion designer and national level shooter. 

Jaspal Rana made his first appearance at a shooting competition held at the national level, at the tender age of 12. It was at that time, when he grabbed a silver medal at the 31st National Shooting Championship held at Ahmadabad in 1988. Six years later, Rana shot into limelight, when he competed in Standard Pistol and won a gold at the 46th World Shooting Championship. Thereafter, he set a world record score at Milan in Italy in 1994. Since then, Rana has been honored with galore in both domestic and international events, many a times, rewriting the records set in the shooting sport. He concentrated on the Centre Fire Pistol event and won many medals. He also won Air Pistol, Rapid Fire Pistol, Standard Pistol and Free Pistol events. He has received more than 600 medals at the national and international level games. In the 2006 Asian Games in Doha, he got the world record of 25 m Center Fire Pistol with 590 points. He has got this score twice earlier, in the year 1995 in Coimbatore and in the year 1997 in Bangalore in the national level competitions. He is a member of the Bhartiya Janata Party and is interested to contest elections. He won Arjuna Award in 1994 at eighteen years old and in his 21 he got PadamShree and also won National Citizen Award by Mother Teresa.