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D. S. Yadav Arjuna Award Awarded In 1991

D. S. Yadav

D. S. Yadav

Award Name : Arjuna Award

Year of Award : 1991

Award for : Sports and Games

Location : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Dharmendra Singh Yadav is an Indian boxer. He received Arjuna Award for boxing in 1991. Yadav represented India 19 times in international events from 1989 to 1994. He won three silver and seven bronze medals. He won a bronze medal at the 1990 Commonwealth Games (light flyweight division). He turned professional in 1995, the first Indian boxer to do so. Yadav competed in the flyweight division at the 1992 Summer Olympics. He was defeated in the first round by Hungary's Istvan Kovacs. He finished in 17th place.