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Educational Research Association Portugal

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 Sao Joao de Deus, Azores, Portugal


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Established On : 1990

The Portuguese Society of Education Sciences was established for more than two decades on the initiative of a group of professors / researchers and the / higher education institutions in Portugal. While scientific and professional association of public utility, brings together all the people who, in accordance with the provisions of its Statutes, have educational and training functions and that, in different situations and activities, contribute to affirm the importance of Educational Sciences as field production and dissemination of knowledge, reflection and intervention. The exchange and collaboration between peers, involving more and more professionals from different fields and levels of education, both in Portugal and abroad, especially the Lusophone and Ibero-American countries makes SPCE a sui generis context of appreciation of the dialogue interdisciplinary and interinstitutional from multiple identities, experiences and cultures. The SPCE also intends to remain a problem analysis of space and mobilizing synergies to think about alternatives and projects, calling rationalities and plural methodologies, redefining ethical commitments and finding new meanings in the systematic examination of the scientific and pedagogical knowledge, assuming Education as a fundamental human right.


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Margaret Vieira


Portuguese Society of Educational Sciences, Secretariat: Master Rose White Pinto, Rua João de Deus, 38, 4100 456 Port.


4100 456
Azores, Portugal

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0351 22 600 95 25