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Studying abroad : Expectation & Reality

Foreign Studies:
Posted On : 2016-07-19 10:40:12
Studying abroad is one of the most bravest choices to do. You need to adapt to new environment, new people , new culture, new food etc. There is a wide delusion among students that studying abroad is a piece of cake once you have got the admission. Let me explain the expectation you have and the counter reality that will happen when you go abroad.
You might think paper works are simple as the university will have some added features for this. But No! You will be constantly doing paperwork, even before entering the country where you have planned to study. This not only consists of VISA work, but also accommodation and university application involving paying the fees upfront and filing your information over and over again.]
Being in a new environment will be thrilling of course. You will think that you are going to make great friends as they show in some movies. But you feel like an alien in the city. Making friends is harder than it seems. You and the native students will never be in the same page. Fortunately, if you’d like to make more local friends, there are plenty of ways to do so: join a club/sports team, talk to fellow classmates, hang out at coffee shops/pubs that students frequently go, etc.
"I will explore the city on weekends with my friends' convertible and we will have lots and lots of fun " . That is what you will have in mind before moving abroad. But sorry to bring the bad news. You need to work part-time to manage your expenses. Your parent's money will be sufficient only for college fees. Food and accommodation will be sky rocketing . Many students work in Retail outlets to manage their expenses.
Everyone wont speak English . Even English-speaking countries have their differences in terms of language Spanish French and German students will be found everywhere. You cant blend in just like that. Its hard to communicate there like they struggle here. Learn the most common words. Speak slowly and if you don't grasp the accent yet, politely ask them to repeat. You cant master in all but you should learn to understand what they say.
Its all worth the struggle .
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Naveen Roy
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