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Study in France

Foreign Studies: Author : Saravana
Posted On : 2016-06-02 10:16:49

Why You Should Study in France?

The quality of French education is well known to the world. Most of their figure prominently in the rankings of the Financial Times and Times Higher, and in the European Report on Science and Technologies published by the European Commission. The France government invest a lot in education and research in fact education is one of the major spending of government budget . France is the world's 3 leading host country for higher education with more than 300000 international students.

  1. Best quality education
  2. One of the destinations with some of world's top business schools
  3. Developed country
  4. Sixth largest economy
  5. Offer more than 400 recognized degrees in Management
  6. 5 French business schools ranked among top 10 business schools in Europe
  7. Worlds 3rd leading host country for higher education
  8. Best destination in the world in terms of Value for Money for world class courses
  9. Part time job opportunities
  10. Management model followed by B-Schools is regarded as model of excellence
  11. Imparting the necessary skills to deal with the challenges faced in a globally competitive world
  12. Internship opportunities with Top companies
  13. Work permit opportunities after internships
  14. Train students to perform at the highest levels of trade, manufacturing and services
  15. Accommodation help for international students by France government of by 40 - 50%.
  16. Free french language courses by France government.
  17. Teaching in Management degree will be exclusively offered in English

Living Cost:

In France the living cost will be around 700 to 100 euro a month. This is needed to cover daily expenses, Rent, phone bills, utility bills, food, transport, insurance etc

Part Time Work:

The students can work around 20 hours a week in off campus. The minimum gross salary will be 9 to 10 euro per hour. All programs are followed by very well paid internship of 6 to 12 months in multinational companies.

After Studies in France:

International students holding a master’s degree or the equivalent.Students who have earned at least a masters degree or the equivalent may apply for a one-time (non-renewable) temporary residency authorization valid for 6 months beyond the date of expiration of the students residency permit. The authorization enables the student to work at any job up to the limit of 60% of the official work week (that is, just over half-time employment).

Students who obtain a job related to their academic program at a rate of compensation equal to at least 1.5 times the national minimum wage may enter full-time employment by filing a request for change of status (from student to employee) at their prefecture.

Other students may also accept employment under certain circumstances. They must obtain a change of status (from student to employee) and follow a special procedure. 


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