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Angry Birds' Creator Launching Educational Startup company

Updated On 2016-01-29 09:42:22 Education Trends

Rovio Entertainment is perhaps best known for creating the smash-hit mobile video game — and soon-to-be movie — Angry Birds.

If the Finnish mobile developer has its way, it will also soon be known for advances in education.

Reuters is reporting that Rovio announced Thursday that it's spinning off a new educational start-up company called Fun Academy.

The first task of Rovio's new educational wing? Well, considering Rovio enabled Fun Academy to license the Angry Birds brand, the start-up will be working on spreading Angry Birds Playgrounds, while continuing to operate existing ones in China, Singapore and the United States.

As part of its Fun Learning approach, Fun Academy says on its website that its Angry Birds Playgrounds support "engagement, creativity and innovative thinking" for three- to six-year-olds.

The head of Fun Academy will be Sanna Lukander, Rovio's former vice president of education. This launch comes on the heels of Rovio slashing 213 jobs, according to Reuters, so the company will be counting on the success of its educational wing.

Although plans for Fun Academy — other than the Angry Birds Playgrounds — are mum as of now, its website does tease to what it calls its Fun Learning Universe, coming soon.

"A 'gamified' 3D learning environment for children aged three to 16," the program's description reads. "It features high-quality digital learning applications, curated by experts, together with a large library of digital learning content covering several topics in multiple languages."

It adds: "Fun Learning Universe will be THE marketplace for the planet's best digital learning content."

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