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3G Screen Education System In Hamilton's Life Education Trust

Updated On 2016-07-08 09:12:46 Education Trends

Hamilton kids will now be getting the classic Life Education team visiting their school with a modern twist. The Hamilton Life Education Trust has recently installed a new 3G screen in their mobile classroom, opening up teaching possibilities. 

The trust that has brought the characters Harold the Giraffe and TAM to many Kiwi kids around the country will now be able to do "way more things", Life Education teacher Trish Thurston said. Students will be able to have a unique look inside their bodies and watch videos on the screen. The upgrade came with two new projectors and new lights, all controlled with a new iPad. It has been a long awaited project, Thurston said.

Life Education is a non-profit organisation has invitations to visit schools around New Zealand. They teach students up to year 8 about life, themselves, and other people, with the aim of showing them how to reach their full potential.

The mobile classroom is equipped with sight and sound equipment designed to capture children's imagination. Thurston said visual learning was an important part of Life Education, and that the screen will allow children to be more interactive. "It's much more realistic for kids and relatable," she said. It also helps Life Ed keep up-to-date with technology. 

Ben Scoble, 13, said it was quite nice learning about different things not commonly talked about in the average classroom. Before the upgrade Scoble remembers the mobile classroom being "pretty much just a whiteboard".

Now, it is a whole lot different. As well as the new technology, Thurston said they are able to change learning modules to adapt to the type of class they are teaching.Modern topics such as drugs and cyber-bullying have also been brought to the forefront. "We can teach what Life Ed's all about. Technology's changing and you have to move with it," Thurston said. "It's an experience for the kids. It's a dynamic way to learn.

"The Hamilton mobile classroom tries to visit 70 schools a year. The trust is not government funded and the new upgrade, which took a month to complete, cost around $40,000. 

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