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NINGBO YXSOUND CO.,LTD is a manufacture of professional audio,including PA cabinet, speaker component, powered mixer , DJ mixer, equalizer etc . Comprised of a team of designers and engineers, we dedicate ourselves to the research and development of reliable value added equipment that both distributors and end users can sell and use with confidence. We pride ourselves not only on our products quality and reliability but on our superior customer service. We understand our company¹s livelihood depends on our customer¹s, and many of our customers rely on our products for their livelihood. That¹s why we strive to deliver products, product parts, updates and information in an efficient and timely manner.We are constantly seeking customer feedback and approval in our never ending quest to improve our current products and for the development of new ones. Gathering data, studying and adapting to the market is what has enabled us to grow and succeed despite such turbulent economic times.


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