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House of Play have been providing innovative soft play solutions since incorporation in 1994, and have assisted hundreds of clients realise their dream of setting up a commercially viable soft play business in both the public and private market sectors.As a designer and manufacturer of the soft play and soft adventure play equipment we have full control over the quality, price and research and development, ensuring that the client is always assured of the best price, best quality and best service possible.Our expertise extends far beyond just the supply of the soft play equipment, in fact we and have a team of in-house experts who are able to take you through all of the disciplines of setting up your business, holding your hand from your concept idea to opening the doors to the public and beyond.Our "Business in a Box" support package is available to all clients, without charge and commitment giving you, the customer access to industry specialists without incurring significant costs. We must stress that this is not a franchise opportunity but it is as close as it will get without someone taking a share of your profits!House of Play is also unique in that we remain the only UK soft play equipment manufacturer to both own and operate a soft play facility which gives us a unique insight into the operational aspects of running a soft play facility and the costs involved with not getting it quite right from the beginning, and it is these lessons we like to share with our clients to save you money from start up and on-going basis.


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