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Microsoft educational tools for students

Updated On 2016-04-20 10:10:39 Technology Education

Microsoft's latest educational tool set includes products and services such as OneNote, Sway, and Surface tablets. Lauren Pittman, a special educations teacher at Holly Spring Elementary School in Georgia, took some time to go over how Microsoft's Learning Tools have helped help her and fellow educators reach their SPED students.

Pittman describes SPED as being a resource special education teacher for students that typically two-plus years behind an average student in reading, writing, and math skills. With various learning hurdles to overcome, SPED students present Pittman and other educators a unique challenge in helping them achieve their "average".

While the Surface tablets offer greater mobility and immediacy for a child with various learning challenges, Pittman found OneNote to be the standout service that helped her the most.

Specifically, Microsoft's Learning Tools for OneNote helped centralize all of OneNote's capabilities in an easy to digest tool for Pittman's students. Learning Tools for OneNote include enhanced dictation, immersive reading, font spacing and short lines, syllabification, and comprehension mode to boost independent learning.

As classrooms slowly integrate newer technologies into teaching methods, it is becoming apparent, that the transition is benefiting all. From school faculty to its special education students, Microsoft is helping to provide tools that are customizable, flexible and attentive to accommodate a plethora of learning situations and needs.

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