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mCordis launched Native App

Updated On 2016-07-29 10:03:29 Technology Education

mCordis, the strategic mobile and connected marketing education and advisory services company, announced the launch of a portal for online mobile marketing training courses. The first course available will be “An Introduction to Native Apps,” sponsored by Atlanta app development company stable|kernel.The Native Apps course starts August 1st and will be available free of charge for a limited time to qualifying users. To register, visit here.

mCordis has largely focused on in-person training since it was launched in 2013 by two former Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) executives, Michael Becker and Paul Berney, delivering the world’s first accredited qualification in mobile marketing and running private training sessions and workshops for brands and agencies. They also created a course in mobile marketing fundamentals for (the LinkedIn-owned online training company) that has received nearly 200,000 views.

“The demand for education through online ‘micro-learning’ has been growing steadily and we have been exploring our options for development and delivery,” said Berney. “Last year we delivered an internal training course for a client which has been taken over 5,000 times. It was time for us to take that content public but we wanted partners like stable|kernel who understand the value in educating the market place.”

Sarah Woodward, Director of Business Development for stable|kernel, said, “This is a really simple investment decision for us - better educated clients and prospects make better decisions and are more engaged in the development process. mCordis is a trusted authority in mobile marketing education and offers a neutral third-party perspective on technology. We are happy to contribute ideas and best practices to this course which is grounded in mCordis’s mastery of best mobile marketing practices.”

The new online courses follow mCordis’s launch of a new thought leadership positioning last month called The Connected Marketer™.

“The response to The Connected Marketer has been fantastic,” said Becker. “We will have more exciting news on this front soon, but right now we are delighted to get the first of these courses online. The need and demand for them are very clear.”

mCordis will announce the next course to go live in August.

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