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World Day Against Child Labour

Updated On 2015-06-12 12:27:43 Future of education

Today marks World Day against Child Labour. The theme of this year's day against child labour is “NO to child labour – YES to quality education!”

Around the world, large numbers of children are engaged in paid or unpaid domestic work in the home of a third party or employer. World Day Against Child Labour will be observed through out the globe to highlight child rights. This day calls for focus on education for the exploited and vulnerable children and on policies related to the same.

Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi called on all countries to ratify an International Labour Organisation (ILO) protocol against forced labour and ensure inclusion of the goal of abolition of child slavery in the sustainable development goals (SDGs). Satyarthi said, the Forced Labour Protocol has to be ratified and implemented by every single country and I urge for it. That is very, very important to stop trafficking and forced labour. I also urge the member countries of the UN that we cannot ignore abolition of child slavery in the SDGs, speaking at the 104th session of the International Labour Convention (ILC).

Child labour is decreasing but child trafficking and child slavery is not decreasing and have remained stagnant at 5.5 million children still working as forced labourers, the child rights campaigner and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate said. He said there are still 168 million child labourers, more than half in dangerous forms of work, including as child soldiers and child prostitutes.


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