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Kabaddi & boxing included in CBSE sports competition

Updated On 2016-04-01 10:37:18 Co curricular activities

For the first time ever boxing and kabaddi have been included in the inter-school sports competition organized by CBSE. The central board informed all affiliated schools on Thursday that the two new sports have been included in lieu of Wushu and Carrom. CBSE's inter-school sports competition is one of the biggest events organized in the country.

The board's secretary Joseph Emmanuel wrote saying to start with, these events shall be held for boys & girls in Under 19 Age Category'. Apart from adding these two sports to the inter-school competition, CBSE has also made changes to the age group categories as well as the regional clusters.

CBSE has now decided to organize its sporting events in Under 11, 14, 17 and 19 years age categories for Boys and Girls. However, competitions in any discipline may be held either only in any one age group; or only in any of the two age groups; or in maximum three/four age groups.

Also keeping in view the increased numbers of participation and discipline specific levels of competition, CBSE has made essential revision in its regional clusters as well. Schools have been informed of the changes, as this will effect which region they participate in.

As per previous policy, schools can host sporting events on their campus at cluster/region or even national level for any discipline. Holding CBSE sport events add to the brand image of schools, which is the reason they opt for it.

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