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 Hampi, Karnataka, India


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Vidyaranya "sarthakanama put in Kannada University. Approximately 700 acres of low-lying dunes quaint natural mohakavagiddu avaranavidu elaborate. The buildings of the Vijayanagara period visistateyalli shaped pavilions. University mumbhagagalalliruva 'aksaradalli Library and Museum. 'Dynamic' 'administrative center. Cultural activities of destination.' Miss victory. "Faculty for different categories of 'haiku', 'Sangama', 'Tungabhadra', 'ghatikalaya', 'kesiraja', 'Indra', 'Nagavarma', 'sister ',' allama ',' nadalile ',' kanthapatra ',' jakkana hall, working with such buildings. Pampa hall literary destination. "sirigannada ',' Research Library" omniscient "standing building in the heart of the campus. Tribal and rural folk architecture in a home study 'girisime'. Greek theater design formed the 'Indian Pitta' maideledu beautifully situated on the banks of the lake stands Sept. The entire enclosure is formed by way of the University of Circulation religion 'soul-revealing' the beauty of reconciliation has taken place here. Designed to achieve the purpose of the university administration, education, design and layouts are designed to supplement vinyasagalemba trimukha.


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A. Murigeppa


Kannada University, Hampi,Vidyaranya - 583 276, Hospet (District), Bellary (Dist),Karnataka (State), India

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