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 Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India


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Awarded the most emerging university of Madhya Pradesh by FMPCCI, Jagran Lakecity University (JLU) is a center of quality and excellence in higher education and a vital part of the City of Bhopal. Its state-of-the art campus combines contemporary architecture and sustainable design with a holistic learning environment. The university’s real pride lies within its people and the achievements in the field of education of the promoting body ‘Jagran Social Welfare Society (JSWS)’. JLU Bhopal is a fully government recognised and approved state private university under section 2(f) of UGC Act 1956, Government of India. JLU Bhopal is a practice-based university, which carries forward the legacy of JSWS in being a pioneer in provision of quality education. The courses on offer through various schools embody the university’s longstanding commitment to leadership and innovation in higher education. The curriculum for individual course is designed through perfect blend of inputs from renowned academicians and industry leaders who are a part of our academic advisory board. The academics at JLU is of the highest globe caliber and is committed to excellence in teaching and learning. JLU Bhopal is offering full time degrees at undergraduate, postgraduate and research level in the field of Management, Media, Communication, Banking, Finance, Law, Hospitality, Commerce, Economics, Engineering & Technology, Humanities and Arts.



To be a leading teaching and research university of distinction that promotes the betterment of the world and welfare of our society through creativity and character building, integrity and innovation, entrepreneurship and enterprise by cooperation and collaboration. The university aspires to be a foremost institution of higher learning that achieves unsurpassed quality standards both in teaching and research through discoveries and inventions and by producing foremost leaders who think globally and act locally, who mould tomorrow’s world with honesty, fortitude, hard work and vision in all spheres of human endeavor and existence.



The University will strive to visibly and substantially increase our commitment to teaching and research.The University will provide a holistic experience that equips our students with knowledge, skills and values to make a distinctive impact in the world.The University will strengthen its graduate, postgraduate and research courses to attract and recruit high-caliber teachers and researchers.The University will aggressively foster collaborative relationships with other institutions to leverage resources.The University will invest in interdisciplinary endeavors to leverage its own strengths as well as the strengths of potential collaborators.The University will carry forward the legacy of Jagran Social Welfare Society and invest both in technical and professional courses and seek ways to integrate their success into the broader society.The University will grow and expand to realize its ambition as an institution of national and international distinction that attracts the very best from around the globe.The University will become an international university, with a more significant orientation toward Asia and the Pacific.The University will provide the spaces and facilities that will cultivate greater dynamism and vibrancy on the campus.The University will foster a sense of communion and cooperation that believes in equity: caste creed or sex, social justice and meritocracy.The University will fully engage with the local, state and the federal governments and contributing to it-as a successful partnership with Bhopal as an essential part of our future.


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Prof. (Dr.) Anoop Swarup


Jagran Lakecity UniversityMugaliyachap, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

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