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The Institute of Armament Technology (IAT) grew out of the Institute of Armament Studies, which was established at the College of Military Engineering at Dapodi, Pune in 1952. Technical courses at the institute were initially offered to army officers. But later, courses were added to satisfy the requirements of the three armed services, the DRDO, Defence Ordnance Factories, Defence Quality Assurance, Defence Aeronautical Quality Assurance, and other public sector entities. In 1967, IAT was shifted to a new location at Girinagar, Pune



To be a center of Excellence of international repute for Education, Training and research in Advanced Technologies with a view to strengthen national security and self reliance.



The mission of the IAT is to function as an institute of higher education in science and technology fields that have a direct correlation to defense requirements, especially weapon systems. In the field of guided missiles, the institute offers courses in "missile guidance and control, missile aerodynamics, structures, configurations, and propulsion, guidance signal processing, computational fluid dynamics, flight dynamics, missile design, combustion, missiles system analysis, and simulation.


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