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 Gurgaon, Haryana, India


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Ansal University has state of the art infrastructure, facilities, ambience and organizational culture, to nurture thinking and critical understanding needed in pursuit of professional knowledge and competence. We at Ansal University believe that a university is about empowering students to explore the unknown, through passionate, dedicated and innovative teaching and research. Our dedicated team of faculty is committed to the task of ensuring that our students are well trained and holistically developed to meet the challenges of their chosen profession in this competitive world. As an educational temple, Ansal University aims at developing the student's multi-dimensional personality i.e continuous pursuit of knowledge, commitment to excellence, cultivation of moral ethical values and taste for aesthetics. Ansal University wants to make a significant difference in the lives of students by giving them intensive personality enhancement and mentorship Programs. This will help in producing world class communicators, orators, public speakers, entrepreneurs and leaders. The unique feature of Ansal University is its fully interactive, trans-disciplinary, virtual campus without geographical limitations. The satellite network for education and research that links the campus of the university has facilitated leading experts to have academic interaction. Ansal University has dynamic faculty with the best of educational qualifications and experience. Masters qualifications. The University's faculty-student ratio of 1:12 is one of the best among the institutions of higher learning in India. The University encompasses a picturesque campus with beautiful buildings. Besides world-class classrooms and labs, the University has aesthetically designed sports grounds, tennis court, basket ball court, design studios, residential facilities for students, academic resources, cafeteria and many more facilities to make a satisfying living for the students.



Ansal University shall acquire and sustain intellectual and professional leadership in India and abroad by: Creating, applying and validating new knowledge through research, consultancy and disseminationProviding an inspiring, competitive and state of art academic environment for all round and value based development of human capital Providing an advanced quality of education with a futuristic approach for students drawn from around the world in the disciplines and professions that have the greatest bearing on the future of India and the WorldProviding a stimulating teaching and learning environment, where the best teachers and researchers apply innovative pedagogical techniques and encourage young minds to explore the frontiers of research, creating knowledge and wisdom that will equip mankind for the challenges of our collective futureGenerating knowledge and develop competence in all disciplines that are necessary for the sustainable growth of our cities and the survival of our rural communities, through innovations in architecture, planning, engineering & technology, design, arts, humanities, social sciences, management, and other contemporary fieldsIntegrating curricula with the needs and demands of industry in all its manifestationsCreating an environment that is competitive as well as cooperative, so that our students learn to excel while working together and pursuing common goalsNurturing students who shall lead the communities and organizations of the future, where they can apply their talent and knowledge and conduct their work with the rigor and steadfast purpose that is common to all great institutions


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Sector 55, Golf Course Road,Gurgaon - 122003 (Haryana)

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