Mantra Softech (India) Pvt. Ltd

Mantra Softech (India) Pvt. Ltd

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Established in 2002, the Mantra Softech (India) Pvt Ltd develops identity management and access control solutions for the information security requirements of large and medium sized organizations. Mantra Softech (India) Pvt Ltd is a leader in Biometric security and Business solutions. Automated Fingerprint Identification System(AFIS) and software for fingerprint identification search matching / finger print recognition are the primary products of Mantra Technologies. We provide the accuracy criminal and civil fingerprint identification search and authentication systems in the industry.

Company is not only powerful manufacturer of skin biometric time tracker products, but haivng their own supply chain across india with leading biometrics dealers, distributors and other biometrics suppliers. company's manufactured biometrics are of high quality with Global standards. Company has been manufacturing biometrics for last eight years. Their Ahmedabad based Biometrics manufacturing center is having skilled professional staff.

Mantra Softech (India) Pvt Ltd designs, provides and manages biometric solutions utilizing its proprietary Fingerprint Technology - designed for the purpose of"1-to-Many" fingerprint matching solutions.

The company's innovation is to transform the fingerprint technology where any integrator, customer or manufacture can pick its own hardware and be able to keep the same matching software compliance. Mantra Softech (India) Pvt Ltd mission is to provide this solution to its customers in order to make biometrics solution for everyone without worrying of the limitations that fingerprint scanners have in different environments.

We are committed to providing total and quality Biometrics solutions to give technology leverage in enhancing business and security.

Company offers Biometric time attendance scanner to capture fingerprint/ thumb print according to AICTE, INDIA Norms. Our image capturing according to the standards of AICTE rules.


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