Craft Kits

Craft Kits

About Company

Our parent company is CPU Enterprises.

CPU Enterprises has been trading since 1972 and trading on the Internet since February 2000.

The other websites which are part of CPU are Dianne's Knitting Yarns and Craft Bits

Each website is separate and unfortunately orders are not able to be combined at the moment. They each have their own websites, terms & conditions, postage costs, delivery times, etc.We hope this website will grow like the others have and would like to concentrate on kits for children but will continue to have kits for all ages. We also hope to extend the Pocket Money Section of small kits with minimum postage.

Company Details

Craft Kits
Corporation/Limited Company
North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Asia,Africa,Oceania,Middle East,Western Europe
CPU Enterprises 1 Barncroft Villas Manor House Street Peterborough PE1 2TL

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