Maris Strombergs

Maris Strombergs

Nick Name
: N/A
:10 Mar,1987
:32 years, 5 months
:Valmiera, Valmieras Rajons, Latvia

About Maris Strombergs

Maris Strombergs (born March 10, 1987 in Valmiera) is a Latvian professional BMX racer. In the 2008 Summer Olympics he became the first Olympic champion in BMX cycling. Earlier that year he won the 2008 UCI BMX World Championships.In 2012 he prolonged his Olympic title by winning the gold medal in the London Olympics.

He is currently trained by Ivo Laku?s. His first trainer was Raimonds Ciesnieks. Maris Strombergs completed the Olympic 2008 BMX in about 36 seconds. M?ris completed the Olympic 2012 BMX course in 37,576 seconds. Upon returning from the 2012 Olympics he was greeted by thousands of fans in hometown Valmiera.

Maris Strombergs Achievements

Career bicycle motocross titles:

Amateur/Junior Men:

"2001 The European youth challenge (European Challenge) Champion"

"2005 European Junior Champion."

Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI)*

1996 (Worlds Challenge Class), World Champion of nine years in boys' group.

Professional/Elite Men:

National Bicycle League (NBL)

"2009 Elite Men ("AA") Pro Nat.#1"

"2010 Elite Men ("AA") Grand National Champion Nat.#1 Pro"

American Bicycle Association (ABA)

"2009 Vice-champion"

Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI)

"2008 Elite Men Gold Medal World Champion"

"2010 Elite Men Gold Medal World Champion"

"2011 Elite Men Silver Medal World Champion"

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