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About Rohini ( latitude: 27.4527400, longitude: 73.7171600 )

Rohini may refer to:

  • Rohini (nakshatra), a lunar mansion in Indian astronomy corresponding to Aldebaran
  • Rohini Devi, a consort of Vasudeva and mother of Balarama and Subhadra in Hindu mythology
  • Rohini (Krishna's wife) in Hindu mythology
  • Rohini (satellite), a series of Indian space satellites
  • Rohini sounding rocket series, Indian rockets developed for meteorological and atmospheric study purposes
  • Rohini Sub City, a residential sub city in Northwest Delhi
  • Rohini (actress), actor from south Indian films, notably Malayalam and Tamil films during the 1980s and 90s
  • Rohni River, or Rohini River, in South Central Nepal, tributary to the West Rapti River
  • Rohini (West Bengal), a village in West Bengal, India

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