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Wireless Smart Cart for Physics Experiments

Wireless Smart Cart for Physics Experiments

Author: S.Manikandaprabhu Posted On : 20th April 2016

Pasco Scientific has unveiled a new Smart Cart. This is alow-friction cart with sensors that will allow students to collect data fromexperiments to learn physics concepts.  Withthe use of the sensors, students can transfer information acquired in labexperiments directly to their devices, simplifying lab setup and allowingteachers and students more time to perform their experiments.

Students can collect data on position and displacement,speed and velocity, one-dimensional motion, acceleration, Newton's laws,friction, kinetic energy, conservation of momentum, elastic and inelasticcollisions and conservation of energy. The Smart Cart's onboard sensors cantransmit data wirelessly to any kind of device using Bluetooth.

The cart is based on an ABS body with nearly frictionlesswheels. It includes a sensor that measures force, a three-axis accelerometer,motion encoder for measuring position and velocity, a rubber bumper, magneticbumper and mass tray. There is also a hook, three-position spring plunger,Velcro tabs, a rechargeable battery and USB port and cable for charging. Thenew cart is expected to be available in June (in either red or blue) for aspecial price to U.S. educators of $159.

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