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Super teachers to help boost the result

Super teachers to help boost the result

Author: S.Manikandaprabhu Posted On : 03rd November 2015

A "crack team" of 1,500 super-teachers will be sent to the schools which have failing results.  This will be in progress from next year in a bid to drive up standards. Nicky Morgan will formally launch the National Teaching Service by offering the "best and brightest" young teachers two-year secondments in under performing schools. In return those teachers could be fast-tracked into leadership positions by being given speedy promotions in an attempt to make the new scheme a “rite of passage” for future headmasters. It is hoped that the drive will pull in emerging talent from London and other educational hubs to parts of the country that have few top teachers.

Mrs Morgan will make the announcement in what aides have billed as a “hard-hitting speech” that will stamp her “mark” on the Education Department. She says “Over the past five years we’ve extended opportunity to thousands of young people, through raised standards, heightened expectations and a rigour revolution, But for all we’ve achieved, too many young people aren’t being given a fair shot to succeed because of where they live. That’s why today I’m announcing the creation of a National Teaching Service – sending some of our best teachers to schools in struggling areas.

The first batch of 100 teachers will be in place at schools next by September when the scheme is being piloted in the North West, with 1,500 expected to be placed nationally by 2020.It is understood coastal towns such as Blackpool and Skegness, counties such as Norfolk and Suffolk and city districts like Mossley in Liverpool will be targeted. In more than 20 local authorities a majority of pupils are still unable to secure five good GCSEs despite an improving picture across the country, according to the latest figures.

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4 years ago

Yes off course its 10% true.. Only good teachers can get good results because they guide the students.

4 years ago

Good news..teaching way is a base for gaining good result.


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