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New grading system in DU

New grading system in DU

Author: S.Manikandaprabu Posted On : 04th February 2016

Delhi University has introduced a new grading system as a part of the CBCS - Choice Based Credit System. Students have to score over 100% marks to achieve top ‘O’ grade in some subjects under the relative grading system. University's exam branch officials confirmed that this is just one of the many strange oddities that were noticed in the first semester Results.

The relative grading system was proposed by the UGC and the CBCS needs the examiners to convert absolute marks into letter grades and grade points through the new UGC devised grading system.

To achieve an 'O' grade, a student’s score has to be equal or greater than the sum of the mean and 2.5 times the standard deviation. This technique has made 'O' grade unachievable for the students from department of Biomedical Sciences, Biological Sciences and Biochemistry.

The problem may affect other subjects too as a students' grade is related to examinees across DU do and has little to do with individual performance.

Rup Lal, dean of examinations stated that a candidate's grade depends on the performance of all DU students who took that exam. He added that the minimum passing mark too is decided by the cohort and standard 40% is meaningless.

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