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FAST-TRACK you Corporate growth with TECHNO’S highly successful PGDM courses in Lucknow

FAST-TRACK you Corporate growth with TECHNO’S highly successful PGDM courses in Lucknow

Author: Techno Posted On : 05th April 2016

The TECHNO Institute of Management has announced “it is working tirelessly towards making its management courses as excellence building”. The institute, basking in the warmth of early success, and keeping the momentum going from there on of its PGDM courses in Lucknow is further enhancing and upgrading the curriculum, which already landed jobs to TECHNOITES, towards making it more and more dynamic outlook by soaking in the newer trends in the professional front. The institution, must be pointed out, from its inception has maintained its instance that by imparting compulsory soft skills, to prosper in the corporate life, students can exploit and benefit from “Text book” learning.

The college has been garnering great responses and appreciation from the fresh graduates and experienced graduates looking to pursue management course due its pragmatic, latest and highly practical curriculum. The college has built its reputation around with its exceptional seminars on leadership, highly efficient team man and negotiations and workshops focusing on the “Newly breathing entrepreneurship eco system of India.

“As one can’t always be a leader, in every cause, thus one has to learn the group dynamics” said Dr. Nimesh Singh, Director Academics, of the Institute. “Moreover, the leaders are the most excellent team men as they know how to take out maximum from their teams” he added. This is the reason campus is grabbing eye balls of the corporate making it huge success with the students.
The institute’s placement record has been rather phenomenal through the years and, quality and the numbers of the companies visiting the campus has only increased these years. Most of this success is attributed to the well crafted curriculum taking cues from modern day challenges - ever needed dynamism, excellent communication skills, and technicalities with a professional conduct. The college worked, is working, and always will be working, tirelessly, for repeating the results as the consistency is weapon of the Successful.

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