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Aptitude test for Students

Aptitude test for Students

Author: S.Manikandaprabhu Posted On : 25th March 2016

The HRD ministry is developing an aptitude test for the students to help school students assess their areas of interest and choose the right courses.The ministry has formed a task force comprising officials of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) and psychometric experts for developing a "prototype" of this proposed assessment test.

At present, the team of experts is working on creating the items and content for a test for Class IX, they said. "Experts from CBSE, NCERT and other bodies are working under the larger umbrella of the HRD ministry to create a prototype of the psychometric test for Class IX exam. In a meeting of senior HRD ministry officials last month, secretary (school education and literacy) SC Khuntia is learned to have reviewed preparations for the aptitude test. The sources said that the exercise is right now in "preliminary" stages and the general thinking is that this test will be optional in nature and would be an additional tool available to students for making the right choice.

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