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Innovation festival at Nehru Science Center

Innovation festival at Nehru Science Center

Author: S.Manikandaprabu Posted On : 29th January 2016

President of India, Pranab Mukherjee has declared the decade starting from 2010 as the 'Decade of Innovation'. To take this agenda forward, especially among the students, NSC- Nehru science centre has established a new facility at the centre, called the Innovation Hub. This facility has express objective of creating a culture of innovation among the public especially among the students.
IIT-Bombay, National Innovation Foundation, Agastya International Foundation, Paramparik Karigar, school students and others will be participating in the event this year.

Former director of Institute of Chemical Technology, Padma Vibhushan M M Sharma, will be inaugurating the festival.
Device for hassle-free cleaning of rice, travel bags with folding seats, modified crutches and adjustable walkers are some of the exhibits that will be on display at the three-day Innovation Festival of Nehru Science Centre starting from January 29 2016.

Low -cost Braille printer, MittiCool, IIT-B's racing car, replica of first Benz car, working model of gearless spherical robot, mind-controlled chair for physically challenged and autonomous underwater vehicle from the Powai institute will also be on display.
The festival provides a platform for showcasing innovation in products and services from the field of art, craft, science and technology, and will also feature lectures, activities, workshops, demonstrations, challenge yourself corner, idea box, etc.

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