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Technology in Finance

Updated On 2015-04-06 10:03:25 Technology Education

Bloomberg Professional services combines technology and education to provide hands-on courses. It has transformed financial markets worldwide, technology has the potential to elevate teaching methods and nurture the next generation of financial professionals across Asia. For a graduate seeking employment in today’s increasingly competitive areas of corporate finance, investment banking and fund management, strong functional skills and practical experience are required.

Business schools are now offering programmes that focus on contextual intelligence and knowledge application. In Asia, a number of schools including the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), TA Pai Management Institute (TAPMI) Manipal, Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bengaluru, Griffith University and Peking University have turned to technology to improve their teaching outcomes.

They are part of a growing number of educational institutions that have set up financial labs equipped with the Bloomberg Professional service, giving students a competitive edge in the job market. Bloomberg labs support curriculum design, simulation exercises, management development programmes as well as institute brand building and student recruitment.

Working with the faculty to create a virtual workbook, they provide students with a practical understanding of the inner workings of global financial markets and access to an unparalleled universe of data, news and information to advance their financial literacy and analytical skills. There are currently 13 such labs across India, the biggest of which is located at TAPMI, Manipal.

TAPMI recently launched a Student Managed Investment Course where selected students were given money to invest in the Indian financial markets. This course providing hands-on investment experience to students is run in the TAPMI Finance Lab using the Bloomberg Professional service.

Dr. Badrinath, chairman of the Centre for Capital Markets and Risk Management at IIM, Bengaluru stated that the global benchmark for market data, financial analysis and portfolio management, the Bloomberg Professional service exemplifies applied finance, adding real world experience to the academic foundation we provide.

Part of our engagement with schools includes a ‘Bloomberg Champions’ programme which equips students with knowledge and expertise on financial markets. Students compete in real-world applications for an opportunity to intern with us.

Education is a key engine of economic growth and in Asia, the business of education is a significant one. At the inaugural Asian Management Conclave (AMC) in Singapore, corporate leaders, deans and directors from leading business schools will gather to discuss strategies to excel locally and compete globally.



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