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Teachers and Students can no longer be Friends Online

Updated On 2015-03-23 09:20:05 Technology Education

The Uttar Pradesh government has forbidden teachers from adding their students on the social media websites and social messengers like Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram with an idea to promote a healthy relationship and check crime rate in schools,

The Uttar Pradesh government wishes to promote the
Guru-Shishya Paramparaa which has been followed in India since decades. According to the Guru-Shishya Paramparaa the student must respect the knowledge of their teachers and hold them in high regards; creating a safe-zone for themselves through value based education.

The Uttar Pradesh government has issued new guidelines to the Department of Secondary Education and has sent it to various school which are affiliated with various Central and State Boards like, Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) and Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The guidelines include the monitoring of communication between the students and the teachers and the need of staff vigilance to observe students using mobile phones and internet during the school hours.

The government has asked the teachers to avoid any sort of online chat with the students and has warned them of strict action. The government has planned to hold workshops in schools and make the students aware about the demons of social media and to teach students its proper use. The officials have stated that these guidelines are student-friendly as these guidelines will promote healthy environment in schools and keep the crime rate in check.


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