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Tata Consultancy Services hikes entry-level salary for freshers

Updated On 2014-12-16 16:11:20 Technology Education

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) the leader in global marketplace and among the top 10 technology firms in the world also felt the need to encourage the young talent and show increment in the entry level salary.

With the current buzz about the 100 crore plus packages offered by the foreign companies, TCS also grabs attention when TCS global Human Resources head Ajoyendra Mukherjee said "We want to increase the entry-level salary offered to freshers to attract more talented youth and ensure their retention with bright opportunities to move up the value chain," in Bengaluru.

Admitting the discomfort about the static salary for freshers over the years, TCS said it has started paying a city allowance as an additional incentive to all employees, including trainees hired from engineering colleges or directly through online tests and personal interviews offline.

TCS has over 300,000 of the world's best-trained IT consultants with 100,000 women employees in 46 countries. The IT giant has targeted to hire 55000 technology aspirants this fiscal year (2014-15) from India. This will include 35000 engineering students from 370 institutions across the country. Mukherjee claimed, "We have a hike strike-rate of 70% i.e 24,500 of freshers accepting our offer letters and joining as trainees from campuses, where 99% of hiring takes place on day of interviews". The company has already made job offers to 31,000 youth in the first eight months (April-November) of this fiscal.

In 1996-97, a TCS fresher was offered an entry-level salary of 1.45 lakh, which in 2013 rose to 3.16 lakh, but after adjusting for inflation, it amounts to just 1.15 lakh.


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