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SRM UAV Team Develops Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Copters

Updated On 2014-10-18 16:22:04 Technology Education

A team of engineering students from various engineering disciplines have designed an autonomous copter for rescue operation during disasters. The cool features of this copter is automatic face and person recognition that helps during the rescue operation . The air craft is designed for military survilliance and to rescue people who are struck under building debris and other such disasters.

During rescue operation, camera mounted on the quad - copter UAV,  is allowed to take video of the location, which is later fed into person recognition software. The hovering copter sends the GPS location of the exact location of the people who are struck in the location. The idea of creating such kind of copter was to locate and save people during disaster.

This one year old team is proud to be one among the exhibitors of Second Unmanned Systems Conference & Exhibition India  (USCEI'14), New Delhi. They are the only student team to be listed in Global UAS Directory.  This vibrant team is guided by Prof. Mahendra Perumal, Asst professor, Aerospace Department and is led by Sobin Santhosh, Aerospace department, and Henry Isaac, Mechatronics department. This successful team streaches its wings by working on seven more projects.

"SRM UAV-  SRM UAV team comprises innovative and aspiring undergraduate students from various disciplines of engineering working to develop advanced technologies to address social concerns and for the betterment of life on earth. Working in various aspects of aerospace engineering and integrating it with latest technologies in control systems provide lot of scope for bringing out newer configurations in airplane design."

Prof. Mahendra Perumal, Faculty Incharge, SRM University

"I am grateful to Dr Narayana Rao for entrusting me with his vision of developing UAVs, Dr Muthamizhchelvan, for his constant encouragement, Mr Mahendra Perumal, our faculty incharge for motivating us and our university for giving me opportunities and exposure. We, the SRM UAV team derives our inspiration from the nature and focus in continuous improvement to make our technology more robust. Our aim is to bring people closer to the technology which involves different aspects of engineering. In this project we felt the beauty of engineering as we applied the concepts we have learnt and the experience we have acquired to complete the objective in a day."

 Sobin Santhosh, Team Leader, SRM UAV

Unmanned Systems represent a whole lot of challenge in the present century. I thank our team and Dr Narayana Rao, for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this technological advancement."

Henry Isaac, Head, Control and Power System, SRM UAV

“Image Processing has a myriad of applications ranging from smart surveillance to rescue operations. The agility of the UAV just adds to the flavor. Person identification equipped UAV's are currently a hot topic of research in the world in many leading universities. Completing a person identification software using Support Vector Machines in a single day was one of the best challenges I have faced so far.  Thanks to my fellow SRM UAV Team members and the Research Director of SRM University, the hard work paid off and this glorious feat was achieved.”

Arijit Ray, Developer, Person Identification Software


"Engineering stimulates the mind. The process of coming up with ideas, testing principles and perfecting the engineering fascinates me."

Jobin Jose, Head, Design and Fabrication, SRM UAV


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