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Updated On 2015-07-21 11:15:20 Technology Education

iProf, India’s largest m-learning marketplace app ‘My study buddy’ has expanded its portfolio by introducing skill training and vocational courses for the Indian education sector. The expansion is a strategic move to comply with the Skill India Mission launched by Narendra Modi for the youth of the country.

The majority of India’s vast population consists of young working professionals. Highlighting the importance of vocational courses and skill training is critical to capture the demographic potential of India’s youth, so that they can contribute productively to the economy.

The launch of these courses is aimed at communicating the significance of skilling, vocational education and entrepreneurship amongst the youth of the country. It is also to make them understand that along with mainstream education, vocational skills and knowledge help determine their employability meters.

Courses like software, web and app development, ethical hacking and security, analytics, designing and animation ensure a strong understanding of the computer language. Professional courses in finance, digital electronics and circuits, economics and policy, event management, business analysis, operations and management helps in carving out well-trained managers in the country.   Additionally, foreign languages, general knowledge and life skills course enables our youth to hone their communication and awareness skills.

The biggest challenge country faces today is the lack of knowledge about skill training and vocational courses. It has become the need of the hour to highlight the importance of these courses hence, iProf- Study Buddy App endeavors to serve as a platform which will empower the youth of the country and contribute to its fullest in Skill India Mission. Our courses are available across the country even in tier 2 and 3 cities, where good quality education is still a myth, said Sanjay Purohit, CEO & Founder iProf.

There is immense potential in the youth of the country and the courses will instill a sense of confidence in them. iProf aims to encourage them to take up vocational courses and improve their chances of getting the right job. Opportunities will increase which in turn will nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship in the youth. iProf’s initiatives will strengthen the manpower of the country with skills and abilities to tackle global changes.

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4 years ago

Vocational and skill based learnings are must for students as it support them in their career. Good effort and the motto is appreciable.


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