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IITB students win Kyoorious Design Competition

Updated On 2014-11-05 17:36:24 Technology Education
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A students team from IIT Bombay recently secured First position at the Kyoorious Student Design Competition 2014, under the category of Typography. The team members Mr. Paresh Raut, from Department of Mechanical Engineering, Mr. Chirag Gander, from Department of Chemical Engineering and Mr. Parimal Chahande, from Engineering Physics of the Institute, are also pursuing minors and electives at the Industrial Design Centre of IIT Bombay. Their design for publicity through Typography, that would make “helmet wearing a cool act and remind people to do so, every time they ride a bike”, successfully acknowledged the issue of road safety and deaths by bike accidents -- which was the task of the competition. The students also won a Red Elephant in the same category for their swirly ambigram that read Helmet both front-up and upside down. The award was presented in Goa on 13 September 2014.


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