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FORE School & University of California offers Marketing Specialization In Big Data Analytics

Updated On 2015-11-05 14:40:13 Technology Education
Author : Murali M
University of California, Riverside and premiere business school of Delhi, FORE School of Management has joined hands to offer a certification program on Data Analytics and Big Data - Marketing Specialization. The program focuses on techniques of predictive analytics and business intelligence and is unique in many aspects. The program is completely lab-oriented and every analytical model has an accompanying project, where participants work on live data from Industry and not ‘Case Study’ conditioned data, offering challenges in the process of knowledge discovery like:predicting future demand for a product under uncertain conditions, evaluate customer loyalty, customer life time value and customer acquisitions.

According to Prof. Asif Zameer, Program Faculty, “The program has been made conceptually simple so that professionals across verticals and irrespective  of their academic background – science, mathematics, arts or commerce; can easily engage and get tremendous insights into customer behavior and market characteristics to boost top line and bottom line in their respective work places, beyond conventional Business Intel.

Big Data technology and services market in India will witness a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 36.3% for the period of 2012–2017 to reach $191 mn from $40.7 million in CY12, according to senior analyst, IDC India Consulting and Insights Team. Gartner predicts that the expansion of the information economy will produce 4.4 mn tech jobs globally. This growth will be intensified by a multiplier effect: Each IT job created by big data will generate three more non-IT positions and due to limited number of data experts, only one-third of the demand will be fulfilled.

“Complexities of business will call for proactive measures. Anticipating change before it happens and as it happens will be business critical factor. Skill sets in Big Data & Analytics shall help organization meet this challenge hence organizations are aligning people, tools and other resources to deliver results. Today large companies and specific sectors may be investing in SMAC (Social Media, Mobility, Analytics & Cloud) but with cloud infrastructure being scalable and SaaS models (Software-as-a-service) available, MSMEs too are catching up fast. In order to sustain in this disruptive environment one has to move on from predictive analytics and marketing strategies to persuasive marketing campaigns which is possible with deep understanding of the customer’s behavior pattern and at the same time having a competitive edge over product offerings” mentioned Dr. Jitendra K Das, Director & Program Faculty, FORE School of Management, New Delhi.

“The demand in skills and the complexity of analytics is growing manifold. For example, when a particular e-Retail company’sanalytics team discovers that size 8 Adidas Red shoes or the black iPhone 6 is out of stock in rival’s website; it can tweak its discount scheme on the same shoe or phone immediately and save some money. Actionable insight is critical to successful client delivery and top/bottom-line”, explained,George Mitra, thought leader and CEO of a leading financial advisory and wealth management company. 

The Certificate in Big Data and Data Analytics is a 15 credit program with five required courses - Customer Relationship Management Analytics; Marketing Analytics; Introductory Business Statistics & Statistical Modeling; Data mining and Data Analytics; Capstone Project. The first four courses will be delivered in India at FORE over a 12-week period. The 5th course will be delivered in over a two-week period, at the University of California, Riverside, campus.All participants completing the full 150 hours will be awarded a joint certificate in Big Data and Data Analytics (Marketing Specialization) from University of California, Riverside Extension and FORE School of Management and also automatically become eligible to direct admission to UCR’s 9-months Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) program. GMAT scores not required however participants have to qualify in English language by passing TOEFL examination. After passing PGDM, students can apply for regular jobs in USA and work there for a period of one year on Student Visa.Eligibility for this program is a minimum Bachelor degree. Program commences on 23rd November (Monday), 2015 and Last date for application is 17th November, 2015.

For the past three decades FORE has successfully created a niche in the management education and is consistently ranked among the top B Schools of the country including CRISIL with a rating of A***, the highest for educational institute providing post graduate studies. It has also been a preferred destination for the corporate for MDPs and recruitments. More than 120 companies across verticals visited FORE campus this year for placements.

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