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Digital education in Govt schools : AIF

Updated On 2016-07-05 10:12:39 Technology Education

Non-profit American organization - The American India Foundation (AIF) which is devoted to bring in social and economic change in India has decided to provide digital education in Government schools with the motive to boost the education scenario. They will give computer training to the students as well as teachers. The AIF has decided to set up three hubs in Karimnagar district viz Karimnagar, Sircilla and Huzurabad. The project expected to cost $ 300,000 would be of three -year duration. Each hub would cater to 10 schools in the area.

The AIF has selected the Government high school at Sapthagiri colony in Karimnagar town as Digital Equalizer (DE) hub by providing them 10 desk-top computers, a projector with audio device and English helper software plus broad band connectivity to provide training to teachers. The teachers enrolled in the hub would be provided training and these teachers would in turn share the ideas and approaches in pedagogy and technology integration to benefit the student community in their respective schools where the AIF would provide computers. 

District Collector Neetu Prasad formally inaugurated the DE hub on Monday and thanked the AIF gesture to provide digital education to students of government schools. She assured to provide all support including 10 per cent contribution from the district administration for the successful implementation of the project in the district. 

Donor representative of MS International and US resident Ronak Shah, AIF programme director for DE programme from Delhi J Sundara Krishnan explained how the DE hub would facilitate in training teachers how to integrate technology in teaching and learning process and help improve educational standards of government schools. DEO S Srinivasa Chary, deputy DEO, Venkateshwara Rao, headmistress G Pramoda, AIF DE programme regional coordinator Vinay Sanam, Karimnagar district programme associate Nawaz Hussain and others were also present.

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