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AppGameKit Launches Education Bundle

Updated On 2016-07-22 09:48:11 Technology Education
Educational materials pack and instructional guide now available for free

The company behind AppGameKit has expanded the software’s remit to target the education sector with the release of a free new add-on.

The AppGameKit Education Bundle features materials aimed specifically at teachers as well as an instruction guide on how they can develop interactive courses and classes for their students. Specifically, the materials aim to help them teach programming and app development, covering commands, loops, variables, images, sprites and more.

The Game Creators, the firm that built the software, has already used AppGameKit to develop driving test, hazard perception and highway code apps with publisher Focus Multimedia.

CEO Lee Bamber said: “Educational establishments considering which engine to use should give serious consideration to this specialist education pack. Whilst products like Unity and Unreal are free, they arrive with almost no game assets, requiring the schools, colleges and universities to purchase additional graphics and sound for their class.

The AppGameKit Education Pack includes everything a teacher or lecturer could need with a discounted pricing structure to match the size of class being taught.
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