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Saina Nehwal becomes World’s Number 1 Badminton player

Updated On 2015-08-22 16:33:45 Sports

India’s badminton star Saina Nehwal has regained World Number 1 position, toppling Spain’s Carolina Martin, who defeated Nehwal in a final in World Badminton Championship last week.

Despite losing to Spain's Carolina Marin in the World Championship's final last week, Saina dethroned her in the latest rankings. 

Saina, who had to settle with the silver medal after her 16-21, 19-21 defeat against the defending champion, created history by becoming the first Indian to reach the World Championship final. 

This was the first time that Saina managed to clear the quarterfinal jinx in the World Championship. 

Carolina seems to have become a thorn in the flesh for Saina as it is against the Spaniard that she lost in the final of the prestigious All England Championship earlier this year.


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