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Leicester City Wins English Premier League Title

Updated On 2016-05-04 08:59:18 Sports
Author : S.Manikandaprabhu

Leicester City, a small club from central England thatstarted the season at 5,000-1 odds of winning the prestigious English PremierLeague title, has clinched the trophy. On Monday, with two games still left inthe season, the league-leading Foxes secured their place in history when secondplace Tottenham failed to beat Chelsea. It's the first top-tier title forLeicester in the club's 132-year history. The club is only the sixth since 1992to win the title. Leicester had the chance to secure the title on Sunday with awin over Manchester United. But it played to a disappointing 1-1 draw, leavingthe door open for second-place Tottenham in the title race. For the beginningof Monday's game, it looked as if Leicester's fairy-tale ending had beendelayed again.

The crowd at Chelsea's home field, Stamford Bridge, chanted"Leicester, Leicester," as the final whistle drew near. Leicestermanager Claudio Ranieri made headlines when he said he might not be watchingthe crucial game because he would be having lunch with his 96-year-old mother.The Leicester players, though, watched at Vardy's house. Here's the video ofthe moment they won the trophy, tweeted by Leicester defender Christian Fuchs.

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